December 19, 2020 ~ December 20, 2020

    Secretary Generals

    Meet the Secretary Generals of InterMUN 2020!


    The committees haven't been decided yet... duh. Lmao this will be updated soon tho.


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    Secretary Generals

    Hsiang Hong

    Hi everyone! I’m Hsiang, a current junior at Winston Churchill High School in Maryland, USA. An American born Taiwanese, I was raised through the different corners of our world, and have encountered and absorbed diverse cultures. Through my unique background, I developed a strong interest in public speaking and international relations, and started my MUN journey. Through Model UN, I have been able to meet incredible friends, join spectacular parties, and most importantly, engage in my interests.

    Chialing Fan

    Hello, delegates!!! I’m Fan, Chia-Ling, you can call me Charling, it is my pleasure to serve as one of the Secretary General of #intermun2020 . Public speaking and international relations have always been my biggest passion and I’ve joined quite a few MUN across and outside of Jakarta. As an IBDDP student, I also spend lots of time doing my hobbies such as basketball, soccer, cello, operating my own charity organization with my friends in Jakarta, and filmed a movie regarding Para Asian Games in 2018, so feel free to talk about things outside of MUN too!! I hope that through InterMUN, delegates from around the globe can unite together to contribute their unique ideas towards the current outbreak, and meet other spectacular teenagers. I’m excited to see you all on June 6th, InterMUN.

    Winnie Ho

    Greetings delegates, I’m Winnie Ho, currently a senior 3rd student at Lizen High School at Taichung (LZSH) and will be studying at CYCU in the future. It’s my utmost pleasure to serve as one of the Secretary General of #intermun2020 . I attended my first MUN conference when I’m a junior, the time when I set off my way to other MUNs. To me, MUN has played an important role in my life, helping me to become more confident, and allowing me to do more thinking for those who are in need. It’s definitely a place for people not only to discuss global issues but also to make friends from various backgrounds.

    Serena Hsu

    Hey delegates!

    I’m Serena Hsu, currently a sophomore at National Experimental High School in Hsinchu Science Park (NEHS). It is my utmost pleasure to be serving as one of your Secretary General of #intermun2020 !

    Model UN has been an integral part of my high school life ever since I started participating in conferences and club activities a year ago. Born in the States and having lived in Singapore gave me a chance to interact with people from a variety of backgrounds, these experiences also made me discover my passion for debating and international relations, and that enthusiasm will definitely continue. Now, less about me and more about InterMUN!

    William Lai

    Hello, delegates! I'm William Lai, currently a sophomore at the National Experimental High School at Hsinchu Science Park(NEHS). It’s my utmost honor to serve as one of the Secretary General of #intermun2020 . Ever since attending my first MUN a year ago, this has been a way for me to express my passion for history, politics, and current events.


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